Online therapy modern therapy houston counseling psychologist heights life coaching web therapy anxiety depression
Modern therapy houston psychologist online therapy coaching anxiety depression

Online Therapy and Coaching.

//Sometimes people wonder if seeing a therapist online is just as good as in person. It's better. Why? Because it gets you here when you otherwise couldn't! If you have a crazy work schedule or are otherwise on the go or outside the area, we've got you covered. It's seriously amazing and we LOVE providing this for our people.


We offer therapy in a modern day age. That's why we offer online therapy and coaching for our busy clients and folks that want to tap into our quality services from afar. When your life doesn't fit in a tidy box, we do our best to meet you creatively wherever you're at. It's not uncommon at all for us to have an in-person relationship and get to come along for the ride as our clients travel or even get sick (we've definitely conducted a session or two when our clients are in bed with the flu but still want to have session). We have worked nationally, internationally, and well across the lone star state to provide our services for years so you're in good, tech-savvy hands!

Coaching is our most free-range service so it's actually very common for them to see folks exclusively online all around the country. Due to licensing restrictions, our therapists are able to offer therapy online for people living in Texas or in other countries. So wherever you are in the world, we can meet you there.

We care about meeting you where you're at in all the realness of your life and schedule. Give us a holler to connect wherever you are!

No more hurdles. We'll meet you on the virtual.

Or shoot us a contact form below and we’ll play therapist matchmaker for you!

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