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Also known as "if I worry, it won't come and if it does at least now I'm prepared", "I am my worst critic", perfectionism, mind reading, muscle tension, and sleep? What sleep?

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Modern Therapy has a special place in our hearts for stress and anxiety. It has this way of making your head spin in circles and throw your body into this fantastic mix of tension and heart palpitations. If you are alive, you will experience anxiety and high stress at some point or other. This is especially true if you're living and pushing yourself into new, uncomfortable places (entrepreneurs and ambitious doers, I'm looking at you). If you find that you're currently in this headspace that is notorious for its lack of rest, we got you. We help people with their anxiety in a few different ways.


MT will help you...

* Gain immediate tools to begin finding relief for anxiety*

* Understand the nature of your anxiety for best support

* Identify root causes for your anxiety as we explore your story

* Establish a new practice to manage it long term (therapy is a lifestyle change y'all)

* Decrease the inner battle by re-establishing a relationship with your emotions

* Explore and work through the surrounding concerns such as relationship distress, lack of clarity on how to navigate a particular challenge in life, job stress, etc.

*want to know the technical stuff?: Although our approach is supremely down to earth and conversational, We pride ourselves in being informed in the latest research and utilize well established empirically-based practices that we weave throughout our work. We'll help you cultivate a new way of living through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness Meditation, acceptance and commitment therapy, and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy for anxiety. We get to know our people deeply and draw from anywhere and everywhere we feel is helpful to meet your language.



Let's tame this beast, shall we?

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