Also known as "if I worry, it won't come and if it does at least now I'm prepared", "I am my worst critic", perfectionism, mind reading, muscle tension, and sleep? What sleep?

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Modern Therapy has a special place in our hearts for anxiety. It's actually one of our favorite concerns to work with. If you are alive, you will experience anxiety at some point or other. If you find that you're currently in this headspace that is notorious for its lack of rest, we got you. We help people with their anxiety in a few different ways.

Modern Therapy will help you...

* Gain immediate tools to begin finding relief for anxiety*

* Understand the nature of your anxiety for best support

* Identify root causes for your anxiety

* Establish a new practice to manage it long term

* Decrease the inner battle by re-establishing a relationship with your emotions

* Explore and work through the surrounding concerns such as relationship distress, lack of clarity on how to navigate a particular challenge in life, job stress, etc.

*We pride ourselves in providing well established research-based and cutting edge interventions. Our interventions are largely grounded in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness Meditation and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy for anxiety. We utilize other interventions as we deem appropriate based on your story and needs.


Let's tame this beast, shall we?

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