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Insurance Coverage

MT is an out-of-network provider so we do not accept insurance outright. If you're unsure if you have out-of-network benefits, call your insurance company and ask about whether or not they offer reimbursement for behavioral health, at what percentage, and whether you need to hit a deductible first. Many of our clients are able to file and receive a reimbursement for individual therapy from anywhere between 50-80% of session cost. It's worth asking the question as you seek the best therapist fit for you. Please consult with your insurance company to determine coverage options. Note that coaching services are not reimbursable through insurance. Only therapy.

The Silos - Washington location / 1502 Sawyer street

The Silos - Washington location / 1502 Sawyer street

Heights location / 1404 Allston street

Heights location / 1404 Allston street



The Silos At Sawyer:

1502 Sawyer st #234, Houston, TX, 77007


1404 Allston Street, Houston, TX 77008


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