//Quarter and Mid Life Crisis

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Life. It has this way of presenting itself to us in some pretty serious ways. "Is this it?" "What is my purpose?" "I feel like there's more I should be contributing to the world than this." "Did I make a mistake in choosing my partner?" "Should I be more satisfied?" "Do I just need to buck up and get over this?"

These are beautiful, complex questions. According to master existential therapist, Irvin Yalom, there are four existential givens in life: Death, Freedom, Isolation, and Meaninglessness. Thoughts about these existential givens flow like an undercurrent throughout our lives. There are certain moments when we become more consciously aware of them. If you've lost a loved one, it can immediately bring clarity and a sense of urgency to live well. To focus on what matters. Other times, these existential givens are little more subtle. Our desire for Freedom might present itself in a quiet restlessness at our work place. Perhaps a stifled desire to explore and travel and create. Or maybe it's when you've settled well into your marriage and a sense of isolation creeps in with the growing monotony that is routine and stale intimacy. You might wonder about what the point is to your life and what you contribute. I want to begin by telling you that you are not alone in these concerns. These are the existential givens of life. You will be confronted by them in varying degrees throughout your existence.

It can be difficult to find a renewed sense of groundedness on your own. We can help you explore your deep desires and internal conflicts and come to a more aligned and connected way of being.

Wondering if these questions are too big and philosophical to tackle?

Of course they're freaking big! We've been battling out these questions since the days of Aristotle and probably even the first caveman to stare at the stars. The thing is, a lot of times we take the paths that feel most paved. We see SO MANY PEOPLE who did the right thing. Chose the "right" major, went for the "right" job that everyone encouraged and celebrated, and are now wondering about the next right move as they step further into their own lives and get to feel things out for themselves. Although we do take an exploratory approach as we understand your unique questions and ponderings, we help you explore things in more concrete ways like determining what your values are, what your ideal life might be, and what your self-talk says. We'll help you gain some clarity and help you nurture any changes to your mindset or life that you need to feel truly satisfied..

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