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Comparison. Measuring yourself. Discomfort with your body. I mean, that's everyone. Right?..

Oh man, we hear you. Where's the line between caring about your body and becoming engulfed by your focus on it? Whether you're a man or woman, we can put a lot of pressure on ourselves to look a certain way to be deemed desirable and attractive. We can also tell you from first hand experience how slippery that slope can get when we don't match our outer work with our inner work. There can be a tipping point in there where we start to shift out of our goals and away from our healthy selves. We can easily start to lose our grip and find ourselves in a race for perfection, desire, and wholeness that leaves us perpetually dissatisfied and never enough. We'll help you explore your relationship with your body and yourself without having to compromise your real goal: feeling genuinely content and fulfilled within yourself.

Our go-to therapist for all things body image is Meredith Bauer. Our gal has a gift for helping you better understand your relationship with yourself. Together you'll start at skin surface and begin the process of moving to new depths in your relationship with self and body care. From first hand experience, challenging the narrative that confines you and tarnishes your self-reflection is game changing and liberating in the most extraordinary way. Get your power back.Book with her online below or shoot us a contact form.


Let's explore a new relationship with your self and body. It's your time. Hit us up.

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