//Multiculturalism. We get it!

Lord knows Abuelita doesn't give a SH*T about your boundaries during Sunday dinner when she thinks you've gained some weight or wonders why you aren't married yet. We can help you navigate all the multicultural fun in a way that keeps your sanity intact and is realistic in your colorful world. 



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I mean hey, we live in HOUSTON and as therapists, we have culturally rich and aware backgrounds ourselves. We won't pretend to get you right off the bat just because of the color of your skin or ours. We are informed and insightful enough to ask questions to better understand how parts of your story and identity impact your experience in the world and we don't impose ideologies on you that don't fit your culture. You can count on our fullest support to gain the insight you need to better navigate your colorful world in a way that makes sense for you and YOUR values. We take major pride in being a Humanistic psychology practice so you can count on the major care we place in understanding all the shades and flavors that make your life uniquely yours.



Let's do the authentic life thing in full color


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