What's Love go to do with it? LITERALLY EVERYTHING. I had a normal(ish) upbringing and I still stumbled my way through the complexities of intimacy (oh wait, that's what Love is? No kidding). Let's talk about making space to work through our relationship baggage and Love like we know what the heck we're doing.

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A therapist friend of mine shared this fabulous lens on when you should come to couples therapy: "At the latest, you want to come in when things are at a simmer. You don't want to wait until they're at a boil." TRUE STORY. I started couples therapy when my partner and I were in a "we should be proactive about the places that we're struggling" point. When we made a muck of things, I counted every lucky star in the sky that we already had a trusted person on our side that knew us well and was able to stitch us back together when we otherwise could have fallen apart. There should be a national kiss your therapist day (or blow a kiss to your therapist day because boundaries).

At MT, we LOVE working with relationships - whether that's through couples therapy or exploring your side of the equation through individual therapy. It might very well be our favorite thing actually. So here's the thing: relationships are complicated as all get-up. The way we show up in our relationships (who we're attracted to, how we relate, how we get our needs met, how we don't, how we bottle things up, how we push people away) has everything to do with our story. As therapists, we show up in a very unique way to help our people gain insight into their relational style and how to deepen the way they connect.

Our therapists are pros at helping people gain a deeper understanding of how they engage with others. As social animals that rely on working within systems, it's to our greatest advantage that we understand how we relate to ourselves and others as we move through work, friendships, family, and romantic love. Your therapist can help you in some pretty neat ways with that. In addition to psychological insight into the latest couple's research, we use the therapeutic relationship to help our clients better understand how they navigate vulnerability and their feelings in session as they use their relationship with their therapist as a wealth of information and exploration. How do you deal with sharing your feelings? When do you feel closest? When do you feel like avoiding and shutting down? We'll help you understand yourself in a way you never have before.

{For people who know their theories, our team is grounded in interpersonal therapy and family systems approaches, use here-and-now methods (Yalom is our homeboy - let's process all the things), are educated in attachment theory, are trauma-informed, definitely know a thing or two about relational dances in codependency, and as far as couples therapy goes, we are grounded in the empirically based (and effective as heck) Emotion Focused Therapy. We also pull from Gottman Therapy approaches as well. In sum, we know our stuff.}

At Modern Therapy, our expert therapist for couples therapy is Dr. Sunita Osborn. You can read more about her and her expertise here. Whether you're looking for some premarital sessions to get ahead of things, are ready to get proactive so you can make things last the long haul, or otherwise want to prioritize your love above all things, we can help.

Let's be those old people holding hands.

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