Addiction + Escapism

"I mean, it's not really a problem most of the time. I've just noticed that it's become a really routine part of my life and I have to entertain a lot of clients through my job. But I do feel like it starts to get too much sometimes and it doesn't feel good. I blew up on my girlfriend the other day and I felt like garbage about it the next morning. It's not who I want to be. I'm not really sure what else to say about it."

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A psychologist friend of mine said, "When it comes to alcohol, I don't know anyone that hasn't done something they've regretted." A part of me cringed as old memories I'd prefer to bury deeply in the back of my mind, resurfaced. He was right and I hated even the memory it brought up with it. As a humanistic practice, we don't hold onto one firm or rigid idea about the role of alcohol, drugs, or other forms of escapism (including binge watching TV, stress eating, excessive tinder-ing and compulsive scrolling) in our lives. It's not always so black and white and as a practice that specializes in high functioning people dealing with life, we take our time to understand your unique experience with it. Has addiction run in your family? When do you drink? Is it a problem? When does it get in your way? What's your desired relationship with your vice? We look to deepen our understanding and we take into account things like genetic predisposition and things like avoidance and how this impacts the way you cope. You can trust that we're on your side to get to know the true nature of your experience and help you move towards a lifestyle that feels more fulfilling and aligned for you.

At Modern Therapy, our primo therapists for alcohol, escapism, avoidance, and addiction (and addiction-ish) are Phil Landry and Stephanie Baldwin. With exceptional training and a huge heart for this work that's partly dictated by their own human journeys, they can help you get on track in a way that feels right for you.

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