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"I help people who are ready to take their lives to the next level by addressing chronic or more recent struggles with anxiety, depression, alcohol and addiction, meaninglessness, lack of inspiration, or relationship difficulties."


The story.

I'm a proud native of Louisiana.  During my formative years, I felt more comfortable with math and science than the social sciences. So it was quite the plot twist in my life when I went through a series of challenging experiences as a teenager and young adult that led to spiritual breakdowns and subsequent breakthroughs that taught me to connect with a deeper part of myself. These past experiences led me to this profession and have fostered a boundless genuine care for my fellow humans and their journey through life.  These experiences got me in touch with the part of myself that thrives on growing and assisting others with their growth.

The training.

My path led me to enroll in a Master’s program in Counseling at The University of Houston (go Coogs!). As a part of my graduate training, I worked through various rotations and gained extensive experience with anxiety, depression, and other mood disruptions. I completed a rotation at the Anxiety Disorder Clinic at UH where I was trained in providing cognitive-behavioral therapy for a variety of anxiety conditions.  Once I completed my master’s degree, I was hired by The Council on Recovery, as a Mary Bell Behavioral Health Clinical Fellow. During the fellowship I received intensive training and experience in group and individual psychotherapy as well as assessment of mental health concerns and substance and behavioral addictions. My experiences were incredibly in-depth and gave me a kind of training and supervision in therapy that is hard to come by. Although I now work with folks who might dip into unhealthy coping patterns that include alcohol use, my experience runs deeper as I've worked with people who have higher needs of care around their addictions. My experience includes Intensive Outpatient (which is basically a much more concentrated and high frequency therapy) so rest assured, I can handle your concerns.

Despite my experience with addictions, my primary focus is helping people work through patterns, blindspots, and difficult emotions that get in their way as a part of life. I was trained in a wide variety of therapeutic approaches such as motivational interviewing, psychodynamic therapy, interpersonal/relational therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, family systems, neuroscience-based therapy, attachment-oriented therapy, and trauma-informed treatment.  Needless to say I have learned a lot! I gained a deep knowledge of the early stages of addiction, family systems issues, the biological basis of addiction, experiential therapy, and behavior modification principles. Although I have extensive training, I am committed to continued growth throughout the duration of my career.

During my time as a fellow, I also began practicing yoga.  From the beginning, I fell in love as I discovered that the limits I saw in my body were illusory.  I experienced an increase in psychological well-being, greater comfort in my body, and an increased ability to regulate myself through my practice.  I was hooked and knew this was a practice that would be lifelong.  To deepen my practice, and learn how to share this gift with others, I acquired certification via the Mind Tribes 200-hour yoga teacher training.  I experienced many breakthroughs in my yoga practice, but one of the biggest was the realization of how I wanted to engage with my work as a therapist and the kind of people I wanted to work with.  I began exploring what else would be possible for me, and you guys know where this story ends (hint: at Modern Therapy).  I envisioned working somewhere I could bring together the tools of both psychotherapy and yoga to deliver a unique experience for my clients.  There are some awesome things coming in the future at Modern Therapy as I integrate my love of therapy and yoga so stay tuned.

The people I serve.

As a therapist at Modern Therapy, I am interested in helping people who are motivated and desire big things like living a life that's true to their full capacity. I help people who are ready to take their lives to the next level by addressing chronic or more recent struggles with anxiety, depression, alcohol and addiction or other forms of escapism, meaninglessness, lack of inspiration, or relationship difficulties.  I am especially passionate about helping men.  As men, we are taught that masculinity equals action and denial of weakness.  I believe a fuller masculinity is possible that involves honesty, sensitivity, integrity, a willingness to embrace and explore areas of weakness, self-compassion, and a deep sense of connection through vulnerability in relationships.  Whether you're a dude moving through the world with all the complexities that come with that or a woman that's ready to more fully become your best self, I am the therapist for you.  

Ready to dig deep? 

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