Dr. Beatriz Craven


"Our emotions drive so much of our behavior. Whether that's in relationships, business, or other parts of our personal life. If you want to be successful and get the most out of your existence, why in God's name wouldn't you take the time to get to know your story and bring your best insight into the world?"

The story.

I was born in Lima, Peru and moved to Houston when I was 8 months old. Hence, the Latina rocking it out in her boots from time to time. As an adolescent I struggled to find my voice and confidence while I navigated the world as a highly creative female who was encouraged to follow a very specific life path. My authentic self struggled beneath dresses, body image issues, and rules about how to be and behave. Be confident! But not too confident. Voice yourself! But don't be so loud. Sit properly! But don't be stiff people don't like that. Shame ran rampant as I apologized to make room for myself as I was: passionate, overwhelmingly curious, highly intuitive, insanely wild with Love for the world, and a bit of a sailor mouth. I dedicated my life to creating a unique space for people like me: folks that wanted a secure, nonjudgmental space to learn about themselves and get the most out of life. 

As I stepped (and continue to step) into myself throughout my life, I have harnessed an enormous sense of humility as I remain committed to life as an ongoing process of growth. The farther I move into the world and meet people from all walks and all positions of life, it has fascinated me that NONE OF US ARE FREE FROM BEING HUMAN. I was getting to know numerous CEOs and high level executives and quickly realized: "Oh hello, you are also a person. And I can totally see how hard you're trying to work this puzzle with a hand behind your back." It was immediately followed by a, "let me help you with that." It's what led me to build on my skills as an expert in psychotherapy and the human condition and into executive coaching. I'm a believer in making change and being the best versions of ourselves. My value and life mission to help create a positive impact with my life left me deeply pulled to help our leaders move with greater support and outcomes as they touch the lives of many. It's a privilege to lead and make waves. It means everything to me to help others do that better.

My training.

I went to Texas A&M University for my education: bachelors all the way to PhD. People tend to be surprised when they find out I'm an Aggie. It's not like I'm standing out in the street burning my bra, but I seem to give off a liberal vibe. I pride myself in my capacity to empathize with and connect to people with all kinds of perspectives and experiences. I think the environments I grew up in helped enormously in my capacity to not judge people. I am capable of seeing past the exterior and witnessing the complexities that make us human. My formal training through Texas A&M taught me to think with a scientifically-minded lens that I'm very thankful for. That's why everything we do at Modern Therapy is grounded in empirically validated approaches even though we show up as our super personable, authentic, and open selves that feels like talking to a trusted friend.

During my graduate school years I couldn't help but feel that the research supported interventions weren't enough. Sure, they helped tame symptoms which was huge, particularly in the immediate moment, but my intuition told me it was something very different that produced the deep, profound change I saw in my clients. It was the relationship. It was the way my client's could express themselves within the non-judgmental, exploration-friendly space I provided. They could slow down and trust me enough to experience themselves more wholly and thus, more capable to make clearer, more empowered decisions. My clients knew I cared for them deeply and they trusted me with the most hidden parts of themselves. Somewhere within our relationship my clients were able to explore new ways of relating to themselves and others. The work and process would allow them to free themselves from old patterns, scars, and self-defeating beliefs that had followed them for decades. My intuition turned into an in-depth study of person-centered therapy and existential-humanistic therapy. I sought additional post-doctoral training and supervision from master clinicians that knew the art of therapy: how to "be" with another person. How to attune to them in a very special way that's capable of bringing forth all kinds of insights that benefit them in life and relationships. I'm thankful for the balance I have in art and science. 

My commitment.

I believe the relationship you have with your therapist can bring about life altering insight and perspective. It's why I truly dedicate myself to my clients and only hire the most passionate, intelligent, and committed therapists out there. I trust the special role that a therapist is in a person's life. I'm committed to looking out for you, helping you see and gain new understanding, and challenge you to move with and through the barriers that keep you. You can count on me to be real with you from a genuinely supportive, smart, and non-judgmental place.