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“I believe therapy gives us the power and permission to start looking at who we are and redefining who we want to be.”


My Story

For me, becoming a therapist began with a lot of introspection and self-exploration. So allow me to just jump into this thing called life: When I was a young girl, my dad died. I was a daddy’s girl through and through and his loss was my first experience with the unpredictability that is life. As I’ve grown and continued to navigate uncertainty of many kinds, I’ve found solace in the present moment and acknowledging the gift and challenge that feelings are. Emotions have always been my comfort zone. In adolescence I began learning more about the human mind and how our thoughts and feelings impact our world. I have always had big questions for the universe and a healthy curiosity for why we humans “do what we do.” Facing the world with a lens of curiosity has given me a gift of self-awareness and resilience that I hope to help others find.

My Training

I have a bachelor’s degree from The University of Miami (The []_[]) and I received my master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Syracuse University in 2012. My program was truly the best fit for me and more than I could have imagined. My supervisors and professors not only taught me how to be a therapist but also how to be myself in the room, the most important lesson of all. After graduation I completed the requirements for my clinical license in my home state of Maryland before transitioning to Houston where I am now a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT). I have had the pleasure of working with people from all backgrounds in many different settings.

My graduate training gave me not only extensive knowledge, but extensive training and experience from private practice, to pediatrics and oncology, to persistent mental illness. Prior to moving to Houston I worked in a private practice setting, supporting individuals and couples learning how to manage life and commitment. I’ve learned so much transitioning through these different settings and through having the privilege to witness other people’s stories. I pride myself in knowing how to be “with” all people in their difficult times. 

I am trained as a systems therapist, which means I care about the people you care about. However, my approach is integrated, and I draw from humanistic, solution-focused, person-centered and cognitive behavioral therapy primarily in my individual work. As a systems therapist I am also trained in working with couples and have been trained in the Gottman method of therapy. Couples are my passion as I believe healthy intimate supports can change our outlook on life. I believe that healthy relationships take hard work and consistency and it is my goal to help teach the skills necessary for my couples to facilitate their own success. 

My Commitment

My approach to therapy is first and foremost person centered. Our relationship is paramount and my clients always come first. It is my ultimate goal to create a space where you can feel comfortable and can do the work you came to do, so I strive to maintain a non-judgmental atmosphere and offer supportive insight that helps you feel empowered for change. I aim to help you feel seen and validated, challenged and encouraged. I believe therapy gives us the power and permission to start looking at who we are and redefining who we want to be. We’ve spent so much time learning how to survive the unknown. Now imagine how it would feel to live in tandem with it. No longer being derailed by life’s obstacles but being rooted firmly enough in who you are that you adapt gracefully and thoughtfully.