Why therapy?

AKA, why the heck not, therapy?

Oh, humanity. It can be joyous, awe-inspiring, painful, and confusing. With so many challenges and unknowns in our path, why not make use of every resource we have to best navigate it? Cue the psychologist. 


If this is a new experience for you, think of therapy simply as a genuinely supportive, non-judgmental, and secure space for you to process your thoughts. It's a place to gain insight through self-exploration, attain scientifically validated skills, and become your most actualized self. Everything you say stays within the room (which just might be the coolest thing about therapy - the freedom to speak your mind with no reservation, judgment, or relational consequence). Your therapist is your confidant. With their extensive training, they can help you hear and see things in a way you were unable to before. They are dedicated to you and just removed enough from your life to look out for your true best interests.

People come to session at varying times in their lives and for various reasons. You may find that you are most in need of speaking to someone when your stressors have become too much for your typical coping skills to handle. Perhaps life has thrown you too many curve balls at once and your adorable neuroticism has become debilitating anxiety. You may find that you’re overwhelmed and could use an extra resource in your corner. Or who knows, maybe you find that you are doing “fine” but that little knot of existential angst keeps coming up as you go through the motions of your daily life. You might find yourself asking questions like: Should I break up with her/him? Is this what I really want to do with my life? How do I find more peace and happiness? Your therapist can help you explore that in a way that leaves you feeling more insightful and readily able to choose the life you want to live.

Whatever the concern, your therapist is trained to listen and attune to you in a very special way. This allows us the capacity to really get to know you and understand you at a deep, authentic level. This helps us get to the root of your barriers so you can best actualize your potential. Empirically validated techniques and research help us tend to your needs in a way that best promotes emotional growth and health.

If you are thinking about speaking to someone and find yourself hesitating, go with your gut. It is often our fears and misconceptions that keep us toeing outside the therapy door. If that’s the case for you, this is my explicit invitation for you to knock on that door and dominate it. It could be the start to a beautiful new opportunity in your life. 

NOTE: If you're doing "Alright" and are wondering if you need a therapist at all as you seek to reach your potential, you might find that our coaching services would be the best fit. No matter what, MT is all about bringing your full capacity to life. Read more about our Coaching Services by >>clicking here<<. Still not sure which services would be best for you? No sweat. Let us know you're on the fence and we'll help you Decide.


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