Dr. B


"I’m ride or die for my clients and I love that they can trust my sincere commitment. I’m here to champion you and bring you clarity. Let's get to know your deeper world and how to maneuver it in a way that fits your authentic self."

I'm a Texas A&M trained psychologist and creative at heart. I come from a highly diverse background that has fostered a sense of empathy and openness that is tough to beat. I can quite literally talk to anyone and find a way to connect to them. I have a special place in my heart for leaders, highly ambitious people, and business owners which is why I specialize in executive coaching. I understand the wild ride that comes with extraordinary work and independent creation from both a professional and personal lens. Due to my extensive background in therapy, I understand the human condition and can reach the core of our experiences of stress, anxietydepression, difficulties stemming from childhood, and existential concerns that play out in the present. With my training as an executive coach, I’m able to help you focus on how to maneuver the things ahead of you and grow into an aware and intentional leader. I believe we heal and thrive through our relationships which is why you can expect me to be a very active part of our therapy work as I help you deepen your awareness of what you're experiencing and how you're being experienced so you can feel out new ways of being in real time.

I have a sincere love for my vocation and truly dedicate my life's work to my craft. I am continuously amazed by the capacity of the human spirit to endure and thrive. To the benefit of my client, I am constantly reading, LIVING and challenging myself, learning, and curious about the human condition from scientific and artistic perspectives alike. I am sensitive to today's fast-paced modern day world and our need to navigate it in a way that is practical, meaningful, and satisfying at a deep and soulful level. You can read more about me and my style of work here.


Abby. LMSW

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“Each and every one of us deserves to feel heard and understood. What lights me up about being a therapist is the ability to help others evolve by learning to validate and grow from their story. You truly matter and your life is important to me.”

Life can be so complex, chaotic, messy, and beautiful. Sometimes we have difficulty making sense of our experiences, whether it’s something painful that has happened to us, an unhealthy coping mechanism we just can’t seem to shake, or thoughts and feelings we’ve internalized that are not beneficial to our well-being. There is so much to be said about creating a space to explore our inner worlds and make sense of our personal stories. Our experiences heavily impact how we feel about ourselves and the world around us, and our reactions often speak to how we have been impacted by those experiences. 

Therapy is a space where we can begin this transformative work, and while it is not always easy, having walked it myself, I sincerely believe it is worth it. By creating awareness within ourselves, we begin to make sense of our behaviors and thought patterns that may no longer be serving us. This is where we can begin to challenge those negative cycles that we find ourselves in. It takes work to grow and transform, and to create a life that is meaningful and in line with our values. My areas of interest include struggles with anxiety, depression, life transitions (such as quarter life crises – it is definitely a REAL thing), self-esteem/self-concept, and difficult childhood experiences that impact you today. I also LOVE working with women. No matter what, I can promise that I will walk with you while we do this work together to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, so that you can move forward in the way that you fully desire. You can schedule online with me here. You can read more about me and my work here.

Yvonne. LMFT

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Yvonne ok therapist houston heights couples therapy black counseling African American therapist anxiety depression couples marriage counseling

“Therapy gives us the power and permission to start looking at who we are and redefine who we want to be. Seeing people feel better about their lives, relationships, who they are, and where they’re going is what gets me excited to go to work every day.”

Therapy is my happy place. I am a systems trained therapist, meaning I seek to understand you within the context of your most meaningful relationships - we’re not created in a vacuum! I enjoy helping people connect with their authentic selves and build a life they feel truly great about. As your therapist, I’m in this with you, 100% percent. My approach to therapy is to help set a tone of growth and personal challenge that will allow you to investigate where you’ve been and create intention for where you want to go. There’s freedom in understanding yourself (just the thought of it gets me so excited). Life can be so messy, and there are a lot of “What if”s, “Who am I”s, and “Is this even possible”s along the way. I’m here to be your encourager, comforter and mirror as you stake claim for the life you want and deserve.

As a specialist in relationships with self and others, I live for the kind of work that empowers you to navigate your way out of anxiety, sadness, grief, challenging relationships, and unresolved childhood scars. I truly believe that through supportive relationship and insightful conversation, I can help you find that “sweet spot” in life that makes the road a little clearer and easier to travel. I take pride in having the opportunity to walk this path with you. It’s my privilege to do this work with you. You can schedule online with me here and learn more about me and my work here.


Nathaly. MT Fellow / LMFT- Associate


“My clients feel the importance I place on vulnerability because I’m willing to keep things authentic and never judge.”

What I want my clients to feel first and foremost is how much I believe in the power of vulnerability and being seen --- essentially, how powerful it can be to let our “masks” down with ourselves and our significant others so that a truer, stronger relationship can be made. 

My clients feel the importance I place on vulnerability because I’m willing to keep things authentic and never judge. When we feel seen, understood, accepted, and taken care of, deeper connections form. It’s how we heal from our histories and see ourselves more clearly so real change can be made. 

At times, you may feel in a place you thought you would never be—maybe it was an infidelity, maybe it was a relationship disconnection, maybe it was an accumulation of small things that have added themselves over time and have left you unsure of where to go or how to leave where you are at currently. If you’re holding something that’s hard to share, I hope you know that your story is safe here with me (and all of us here). My specialties are anxiety, self doubt, relationship concerns, and true to my “you are safe with me” approach, I’m MT’s sex specialist. Let’s talk about it. You can schedule online with me here


Christian. LCDC / + LMFT-Associate + LPC-Intern

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Christian Bumpous Modern Therapy Houston Therapist Counseling heights  gay therapist LGBT anxiety life coach houston depression alcohol SMART group

“We all know what it’s like to feel unwell and in the struggle.”

We get better in connection. One of the mantras I live by, and what better way to make that happen than therapy? We all know what it’s like to feel unwell and in the struggle. It can take many different shapes and forms: maybe it’s feeling down or depressed, anxious, shame-ridden, alcohol consuming, or relational in nature. Being a person means that we will inevitably experience a gamut of things but it’s also what makes me love getting out of bed in the morning knowing that I get to support people uncover their struggle (be it past or present) and to cheer them on as they claim their lives and stories in whatever chapter they find themselves in.

It doesn’t matter whether you are coming alone or as a couple: I hope to create a space that allows you to pause, reflect, look at what is hooking you or keeping you stuck, and then develop insight on how to move forward with a life most meaningful to you.

Our minds are hard-wired to create psychological suffering. To be human means to struggle. Let’s use our time together to take a step back, get curious about what is happening, and learn ways to become unstuck and move. You can schedule online with me here and learn more about me and my work here.


Paul. LPC

Paul Belk Modern Therapy Houston Heights Anxiety Depression LGBT therapist counseling
Paul Belk Modern Therapy Houston Heights Counseling Anxiety Depression Life Coaching Narrative Therapy Humanistic LGBT

“So you’re thinking about talking to a therapist. This doesn’t have to be a scary thing. Sure, therapy can feel pretty daunting for folks,  but really it is just sitting down with someone and telling stories about your life. As I hear those stories, we are going to look for patterns and ways of thinking and being that do not serve you best and figure ways to do life better.”

I became a therapist because I truly believe in my gut that we have the capacity to change and grow. I have the privilege of helping you discover and nurture your most authentic self. You may be coming from a difficult place in life, or perhaps you just need an outside set of ears to listen and help you look for new ways of being who you were always meant to become. We don’t have to be stuck in routines that do not serve us well. We can work together to get rid of the stuff that holds you back.

We have a supremely messy and amazingly glorious human condition, capable of some great heights, extreme lows, and everywhere in between. We’re going to figure out together how to best navigate life so you can handle all the things that get thrown your way. Life can take some pretty ridiculous winding roads of depression, anxiety, loss, and feel so chaotic that we lose ourselves. Let’s explore all those things together and create that narrative that is both true and fulfilling. Don’t worry if you have no idea where to start, I’ll meet you wherever you are on your life’s journey. And get ready, because to quote the classic words of Sam Cooke, “a change is gonna come!” You can schedule online with me here and learn more about me and my work here.


Kayla. LPC


“All the questions you have about yourself like, “Why do I do this” or “How can I change this behavior” or “What could I do differently?” I am here to help you answer those questions.”

You could say that I am a bit obsessed with being a therapist. Simply put, it’s my passion. I get over the moon knowing that people are able to gain the courage to seek a therapist and actually let me be a part in their life story, specifically the chapter in which they begin to understand themselves in new ways and heal things they didn’t even know needed healing. It is of the highest honor to go with people into their inner worlds and sometimes that being places they didn’t know existed or places they’ve never allowed anyone else to go. Getting to be a part of that journey with other humans is so sacred to me and something I truly cherish. Most of my counseling experience has been centered around helping people with difficult childhood experiences (that can impact self esteem and relationship styles), anxiety, depression, existential crises, and grief to name a few of the things that affect people from being able to function at their full potential.

                So?? Let’s do this! Let’s grow together. Let’s start digging. Let’s start working our way from the inside out to transform you into the human you know you can be. Because I believe in you and I’m here all the way. I want to celebrate your small victories that grow into large victories so you can purposefully and intentionally live by the motto, you only live once. For more of the backstory on my passion, you can read more here. You can schedule by submitting a contact form for me here.


Holly. Coach + LPC


"I've always been one of those people who seek more in life. I don't want you to settle anymore than you do. As a therapist and coach, I'll be your biggest encourager, explorer, and strategist as you better understand yourself and move toward the fulfilled, purposeful life you imagine."

I LOVE my job. My clients believe so whole heartedly in self-growth and manifesting their potential, that they purposefully seek a space to actively dig into life and stay as focused and intentional as possible. In my experience as a coach, I've found it takes a good deal of self-awareness and life work to truly go as far as you'd like. I absolutely love to help my clients via therapy to engage in that kind of soul work to deepen, self-discover, and gain healthy coping, so they can then travel as far as they'd like to in life.  I'm here to help you gain insight, stay clear-headed when your buttons get pushed or your self-talk takes over, and watch out for blindspots as I help you stay on track with your values and authentic self. I'll help you see where you get in your way and where to approach things differently so you can use your life energy wisely. 

I've always resonated with the Henry David Thoreau poem about living deeply and sucking the marrow out of life. If you find that you want to stay your most intentional as you seek to kick life up a notch, I'm here to give you the clarity and skills it takes to equip you in living the life you imagine. I work with people who want to quiet their chatty minds, navigate the modern day dating scene (the struggle is real), normative things like stress, career concerns, and anxiety I'm a great fit for people who want to gain greater clarity and who seek smart, compassionate accountability as they take their lives to a higher level. You can schedule online with me here and learn more about my work here.


Dr. Osborn


"It’s so easy to get lost in the daily grind of life until one day, we realize that the little things have added up and we're face-to-face with big feelings and even bigger questions. On the surface everything is great, but you wonder, 'Is it normal to feel this way?' 'Is this how life is supposed to be?' The short answer is yes because you're human but that's also why I'm here."

“I just want to live while I’m alive.” Yes, this is a lyric from a Bon Jovi song, but it is also the mantra I live by (thanks Bon Jovi, you get me). I love this statement so much I had it tattooed  before I entered graduate school – not just for the street cred, but because I wanted that daily reminder to live intentionally and purposefully towards happiness and fulfillment. It’s so easy to get lost in the daily grind of life until one day, we realize that the little things have added up and we're face-to-face with big feelings and even bigger questions. On the surface everything is great, but you wonder, "is it normal to feel this way? Is this how it's supposed to be?"  The short answer is yes because you're human but that's also why I'm here. I've been there myself and I want my clients to know how personal and important it is to me to help you not just survive this life, but truly LIVE it in whatever way fulfills you. 

Whether you're facing stress and anxiety, existential depression, self esteem, relationship baggage (I'm MT's couples therapy expert!), want to hop into pre-martial sessions, or notice a gap in where you want to be versus where you are – I want to help you get to the other side. I feel very strongly for the folks who often suffer in silence thinking their problems aren’t important enough or their pain valid enough to warrant help. Life is wild and unexpected. We know this. - Why go it alone? As the great Bon Jovi said, “It’s your life, it’s now or never!” So, let’s get to deepening your life in new and unexpected ways. We'll work together to uncover the patterns or feelings that have kept you stuck, the ones that you haven't been able to change up until now, and in doing so we will answer the questions of why, how, and what can I do to live today wiser than yesterday? You can schedule online with me here , call me direct at 281.783.9284, and learn more about my work here


Stephanie. LCSW + CGP


"There are few places in life where we get to really wrestle with our stories and make sense of our experiences, feelings, and beliefs. Sometimes our experiences can end up having a hold on us, but with some courage and curiosity, I believe we can become empowered by our truth and find meaning in what life brings to us."

The bravery to self-explore requires a space to be encountered, witnessed, have your stories honored, and a relationship that provides unconditional acceptance. This is who I am and what I bring to therapy. I am wholeheartedly IN and ready to meet you, wherever you are. I don't view anyone as a problem to be solved, but rather a unique and complex individual. Together, we get to explore the experiences and connections that have shaped you-- the landscape from which we can cultivate self-awareness, insight, compassion, and growth.

I'm also MT's lead group therapist. In order to connect with others in a way that truly satisfies us on a soulful level, we've got to start with ourselves.  Relationships and connection are our most primal need. It's a powerful driving force that's at constant work in our lives as it evolved to keep us alive and continue to fulfill our deepest needs. I'll help you move through the uniquely powerful experience of group and help you gain unparalleled insight into how you connect, feel, and relate in real time. I'm familiar with the things that can restrict us from being the truest forms of who we were created to be. Human things like faulty coping mechanisms, painful life experiences, depression, addiction(ish), relationship patterns stemming from childhood (codependency included), anxiety and other stressors are a few of the areas I am confident navigating with you. My role is to help guide and deepen that beautiful and personal connection you've got with yourself, so that you can experience the life that surrounds you meaningfully. You can schedule online with me here and learn more about my work here.


Phil. LPC


“We continuously seek success and achievement. No part of you is ever ‘not enough.’ We all walk around with stories about ourselves and the world that hold us back from being our truest, freest selves.  Let’s change that.”

When was the last time you asked yourself, “how am I doing?”  This is an incredibly powerful question.  To fully answer this question requires openness to painful emotions, frightening thoughts, and charged memories.  It requires the courage to see yourself and your life truthfully.  It is the kind of question that when courageously answered can alter the course of a life.  I invite each of my clients to explore this question in our work together.  I believe that the expertise, compassion, and unconditional acceptance I offer allows people to find a deeper answer to this question so they can grow more fully in their lives.  Let’s explore that question together.  I promise that together, we can handle the answer.    

I'm looking forward to hearing your story and expanding your life.  In our work, you will learn to grow beyond the constraints of stress and anxietydepression, relationships concerns, challenging experiences from your upbringing, confusion about identity, or faulty coping mechanisms like alcohol and other forms of escapism.  To any men reading this, I speak to you directly when I say that the tide is turning against masculinity's narrow definition.  Too many men are suffering within their relationships, with depression, alcohol use or the other ways we avoid emotion within a society that never gave us space to express ourselves. MT blows statistics out of the water with how many men we see. Be the next one to take space for yourself and care of your life in the way it deserves. You can schedule online with me here and learn more about me and my work here.


Meredith. LPC


"I whole heartedly believe EVERYONE could benefit from having a therapist. Being a human in this world is complicated. I want you to leave feeling like you're able to get anything and everything off your chest to someone who truly has your best interest at heart and understands where you are coming from."

We all need some space to gain clarity in our lives so we can enter back into it with our strongest footing. It's why I think we could all benefit from having a therapist! And why I go to one myself (yes, therapists TOTALLY GO TO THERAPY TOO, it's what makes us so good at our jobs : ) ). Your therapist is "that person" in your life to help you reflect, recenter, and re-engage in a way that your more enlightened self would proudly approve of. I love that I get to be that constant source of clarity and support for my clients as I watch them grow and evolve through the process. When my clients start to beam and tell their friends, "you should get a Meredith in your life", it reaffirms me tenfold. Being intentional with your life pays off. 

Therapy is about understanding yourself and making clearer choices moving forward. I can help you learn to identify what you're really feeling, how your thoughts led to those feelings, and how you can learn to manage those thoughts to help you feel more confident in the choices you make. If you want to change the way you feel you've got to change the way you think. Easier said than done I know! I am down-to-earth and have a unique ability to really understand my clients and how to come to new perspective. I focus on fostering an environment where others can share things they normally wouldn’t dare share with others. YOUR perspective and intentions are what I want to focus on. If you want your perspective heard without feelings of guilt, shame, embarrassment or fear of not being understood I can provide that atmosphere for you. I help people tame and grow through human anxiety, depression, relationship stress, reactivity like strong emotional responses, anger, and adjustment (aka, life curve balls like divorce). I also have a special place in my heart for body image. Whether you're a guy or gal, I can help you understand the unique ties of body image and how to begin releasing yourself from them. You can schedule online with me here , call me directly at 281.783.4142 and read more about me and my training background here.


Kellie. LPC

Kellie Klinck Modern Therapy Houston psychologist therapist Heights career counseling anxiety depression infertility

"Our society doesn't create much space to explore our universal concerns when it comes to navigating life and THAT to me is a shame."

Humanness is messy. We all question and find ourselves asking things like, "is this the right partner for me?", "is this the right career choice?", "am I expecting too much?"  I wake up with a burning desire to give clients permission to be their truest selves in a way that aligns with their values. Sometimes we feel like we have crystal clear vision on the things that matter, but other times it can feel incredibly difficult as we get wrapped up in our life narrative and idea of who we "should" be. The truth is, it takes intention to uncover who the h*** you really are; life has a way of causing us to hide parts of ourselves. I honestly live to see clients move from living for others’ acceptance to living for inner-acceptance. It's a fulfilling and liberating way to live.

As a therapist, I empower clients to face their fears head on.  As Najwa Zebian says, “these mountains that you are carrying, you were only supposed to climb.” Can you imagine that kind of shift? That gave me such comfort the first time I read it.  It conveys what I think therapy represents, which is moving past obstacles in order to lighten our psychological loads.  I will help you drop your mountain, look at it, understand how to conquer it, and support you as you climb to the top. I'll be there with you every step of the way. I care so deeply about my clients and I'm thankful that it shows. I'm not the therapist that will take a cold, "clinical" approach; although, I do bring years and years of clinical knowledge and expertise as I dedicate myself fully to this work. My clients know me for my compassion and genuine kindness, but they trust me because I'm real and don't shy away as we explore ways to conquer your mountain. I love working with millennials and young professionals as they tackle the quarter life crisis, career stress, self-exploration, anxiety, depression, and the things that often go untalked about like infertility struggles. We need to be talking about the things that matter to us. It's the only way to live. To connect with me, you can schedule online with me here and learn more about me and my work here.


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