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My story.

I chose this field from the ever-evolving story of my own life. One that has been filled with listening to my true callings and trusting myself to fulfill my capacity. I am from a tiny farm town in West Texas and lived up to the expectations I had been taught to have for myself. All I had ever known was the life of “go to college, get the degree, get the steady paycheck” and that will be enough to satisfy you. So, I totally understand the feeling of doing all the right things and still hearing that little voice inside nagging you that there is more left in you. I am thankful for the experiences I've had and now I want to walk with other people as they find their own journey towards living the life they imagine for themselves: one of non-complacency and fulfillment. 

I want my clients to know that I really, truly get it, even if the concerns that I run into vary. I know that it can be incredibly irritating to look at the gap between yourself and where you want to be. Some people have the vision where they know exactly where they want to go, but want support and a non-biased lens to help them stay on their best path. Other folks might not know exactly where to start or how to put into words what they're wanting and feeling. That's OK too. I can help with that.

For some of you,  you might even feel a little dubious, guilty, or silly for expecting and wanting so much out of life. You might be asking yourself if maybe you're expecting too much. It's OK to not feel settled. That's not a bad thing. That's your life saying, "hey, something is out of whack here." The more I listen to myself, the more excited I get by how my life unfolds and great things come into it. It takes work and it takes courage to live your truth. The satisfaction and joy I feel only serves to confirm that fact that the work we put into life is worth it.

My training.

I received my Masters degree in counseling from the University of Houston! From there I went on to become a Licensed Professional Counselor as well as a Board Certified Coach.  Along the way I also completed my yoga teacher training certification (RYT-200) as well as my Crossfit Coach certification. I've always taken a holistic approach to health and I believe my training reflects that well. I value wellness.… the real kind of health, not 6-packs and biceps kind of health, but whole-life health… mentally, socially, physically, financially, spiritually balanced and fulfilled health. I use my training and experience to help you see a holistic picture of your life and realize you have the power to take it all to the next level if you want to. The beautiful truth is, you always have the capacity to redefine your life. You will see the dedication I put in my own life as I continue to register for training-after-training to keep improving and refining my own capacity and calling.

My commitment.

I'm committed to listening to your goals when it comes to where you want to take your life. Some folks want goal setting and accountability while others want a space that's a bit more exploratory to crystallize their thoughts and stay intentional with their lives. Some people want specific help to better understand themselves so they can best move forward and cope with their challenging reality. I'll be listening for the best approach to meet your needs and help you get where you want to go.

So what's coaching like in particular? I can help you..

CLARIFY what YOU really, truly want out of life.

I'll help you find out exactly what you really want for yourself. I help you to distinguish between what you “could,” “should,” and “have-to” do from what you, in your heart of hearts, really want for yourself. Once you have true clarity on these goals and ideals, you’re much more likely to naturally and consistently take actions to reach them because they are what you truly want.

BALANCE your life to maximize reaching your goals.

Sorry, but really having the life of your dreams is not easy. It will take a lot of physical, psychological, and emotional energy. To have this energy, you have to be at your absolute healthiest... holistically healthy. We aren’t talking 6-pack abs here (unless that’s a goal of yours), we are talking about real, true, whole-life health: healthy mind, body, spirit, home environment, work environment, relationships… your whole life!  

After we get clarity on your goals and begin taking ACTION towards them, we will simultaneously work on your personal foundation. There is no better investment of time, money or energy than YOU. You will need this strong personal foundation if you are committed to doing the work to be the best version of yourself!

ENCOURAGEMENT and ACCOUNTABILITY for you along the journey

When people have a partner they trust, they will always reach for more because they know they are supported and capable. Psychologically, one win creates the confidence to go for another win. One goal accomplished helps us to truly believe we can accomplish the next (bigger) goal and I am here to help you stay focused and motivated every step of the way.

Ready to take care of your life like it's the only one you have? 

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