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"The most satisfying moments of my work are the moments when I get to see an idea, concept, or understanding come together in a person’s mind – that proverbial light bulb moment."


My story.

I would describe my journey to becoming a clinical psychologist as conventionally unconventional. Like many Houstonians, my background is uniquely colored by cultural influence. Enter stage right: my first challenge with navigating authenticity, culture, and the world. Like many first-generation kids of Indian immigrant parents, going into medicine was my clearest route, and since the only other sure conviction I had going into college was my desire to help people, I set on the path that seemed safe and predictable. Spoiler alert.. there's a plot twist.

Luckily for me, safe and predictable has never been my style. What really cinched the deal was my undergraduate internship at the Houston Area Women’s Center which serves as first line emotional support for women that have endured sexual assault and violence. I was absolutely amazed by the deep sense of connection, compassion, and kinship I felt in moments of such raw human honesty. I knew I wanted to pursue becoming a therapist but the thought of leaving a safe, seemingly sure career path in medicine was brutally difficult. With culture in mind, medicine felt like my inherited destiny. The thought of changing my path filled me with fear and uncertainty. A few soul breakdowns and deep talks with loved ones later, I decided to take the leap. I feel so grateful every day that I chose my authenticity over fear. Things could look so different for me if I hadn't put my gut and inner-voice first. This, is what I was meant to do. Fear still comes up in different ways, but that lesson has stayed with me. My hope is to listen to and help my clients honor their inner-voice too.

My training.

I received my Masters’ and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the University of Indianapolis and have worked in variety of settings including college counseling centers, hospitals, community mental health centers, and a private practice. These diverse settings have allowed me to gain a depth of clinical experience with folks from all walks of life including college students traversing the journey of adulting, veterans with schizophrenia-spectrum disorders, women who have experienced interpersonal sexual assault, and, more recently, millennials and young professionals wanting to make the most of their lives (spoiler alert – I LOVE working with millennials and young professionals which is why I feel incredibly lucky to be working at MT).  

Throughout my training, I was incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by supervisors, colleagues, and researchers who believed the purpose of therapy is not to reduce individuals to their diagnoses and to treat those offending symptoms, but to seek to understand persons at whatever place they are at in life and help them find meaning! As part of my training and personal philosophy, I continue to immerse myself in research, continuous learning, and opportunities for personal and clinical growth to provide my clients with the help and support they deserve.

My commitment.

To me, therapy is a thing of beauty, a form of that art that has infinite possibilities, and a space that is just waiting to be filled with the complexities of human living. My commitment to you is to make the ABSOLUTE MOST of our time together to help you get where you want to go - whatever that looks like. I believe each person has their own unique internal world and together we will explore, uncover, understand, process, and make sense of all the many facets that make up yours. I'll be your trusted person that will look out for you, encourage you, and help you overcome and deepen in all the ways that matter to you.

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