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"I find that a person can benefit from having one person in their life that they believe genuinely has their best interest at heart and does not judge them." - Meredith


The story.

As a teen, I was turned off by the word “therapy” due to my lack of understanding of what therapy is actually all about. Luckily for me, I found an excellent therapist that helped me grow out of the emotional hole I found myself in and into the person I really was. What stuck out to me the most about my experience was that my therapist really cared about me. I mean REALLY cared about me. It helped me move out of the rut I was in because I trusted that she was on my team and really understood me (even if that meant challenging me). The experience was so meaningful to me that I decided to become a therapist and I whole heartedly believe EVERYONE could benefit from having one.  Being a well functioning adaptive human (AKA adulting) in this world is difficult. It means a lot to me to be able to help people move through challenging patches of their lives. 

My training.

I received my Master’s from Houston Baptist University in 2009 and I have gained a rich depth of experience with a vast variety of concerns ranging from regular problems that come with living all the way to supporting people with intense psychological needs that need round the clock support. I even served as a clinical supervisor for therapists working in an intensive outpatient program for dual diagnoses for many years (translation: people that have really high needs for therapeutic support and have problems compounded by problems). So yes, I can totally handle ANYTHING you throw at me. I have much experience not only with individual therapy, but with groups, families, and couples as well.

Nerdy psychological language if you want to know more about how I work: I tend to work form an integrative lens, but rely heavily upon cognitive behavioral therapy and person-centered therapy. I believe that the way we interpret the world around us and our self-talk about it and ourselves is going to determine how feel and ultimately behave. I focus on identifying what the maladaptive beliefs are and how to interrupt those beliefs to achieve my client's ideal feeling. I believe that genuineness, empathy and unconditional positive regard are key in allowing someone to be vulnerable to explore unwanted thoughts/feelings which can then allow me to help guide them in identifying what they want to change or achieve. I do not pretend to know what's best for my clients but rather figure out what's best WITH them. I use active listening and my expertise in psychology to help them figure out what's going on, what they need, and together, we find a way to move forward. I find that a person can benefit from having one person in their life that they believe genuinely has their best interest at heart and does not judge them. I look at each person as an individual and have no problem tailoring my techniques or style to be more effective with my client.


My specialty.

Although I've worked with people from the age of 4 to 94, my sweet spot is young to middle aged adults. They're my favorite which is why I love working with our clients at MT. It's what we do! I have realized that my understanding of the human suffering is way beyond working with superficial problematic behaviors...the behaviors are just the symptoms of the problem. I have a deep understanding of problems rooted in anxiety, depression, anger, and low self-esteem that may stem from childhood experiences or current life dissatisfaction. Life is always happening and it doesn't really care about the fact that we have other things to do. I can support you through adjustment difficulties and other challenging life experiences that have fallen into your lap. 


My commitment.

I am someone that can help you learn to identify what it is you really are feeling, how your thoughts led to those feelings, and how you can learn to manage those thoughts to help you feel more confident in the choices you make.  I want you to leave our time together with a better understanding of yourself so that you feel empowered and confident in your ability to make the changes or decisions that are aligned with how you want to live. I want you to leave our time together feeling like you were able to get anything and everything off your chest to someone who truly has your best interest at heart and understands where you are coming from.

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