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The story.

I knew I wanted to be a therapist when I was 17 years old.  I remember the moment vividly.   My grandmother was sitting at my grandfather’s bedside after he just passed.  She was in such grief and heartache.  Other family members were in the room too, consoling one another.  I decided to sit down right next to her and hold her hand.  I knew she needed someone to witness and recognize her pain. And, it was an honor to do that for her.  As time went on, I started to see that I had an ability to hold someone when they were most vulnerable.  

Then, about 10 years ago, I needed that same kind of presence as my husband and I worked through a very difficult life season, in the form of infertility and relationship struggles.  I never seemed to find someone who met me at my core or who cared to understand the pain I was in.  I remember sharing my pain with a therapist while staring at her pictures of her children on the desk over her shoulder.   Why couldn’t she take those down for my 45 minute session when I was in so much suffering?  Not that I'm infallible either, but I understand that holding people's stories requires a certain kind of care and thoughtfulness as we move through things together.  All of these experiences led me to this moment today, giving my heart and soul to the art of therapy.  I live for this stuff.  

Oh, and dogs.  I live for dogs, too.  

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My training.

I received my Master’s from Oakland University back home in Michigan in 2006.  I was trained under some of the greatest minds I have ever met, especially as it relates to career and human development.  I worked for ten years with college students and young adults as a counselor and advisor before taking my work into the world of therapy within private practice.  I've loved working with young adults from the beginning – it is such an incredible time of growth and possibility.  

In my practice, I work from an intentionally integrative lens of conceptualization.  First and foremost, I come from a person-centered background and the session is always about my client.  My role is to walk with you as we become experts on YOUR life - not my pre-conceived idea of your life..  You are never a bother or burden in our space.  I am here solely and entirely for you.  My job is to help you reconnect with your truest, most honest self.  In addition, I often find a place to introduce cognitive behavioral principles in my sessions.  Thoughts drive our feelings and therefore we need to spend some time dissecting where those thoughts came from and how to control them.   I also believe family systems and narrative therapy have a place in the therapeutic process as we understand your story and how you operate. Our early experiences in our families, the roles we played and the stories we tell ourselves can make a significant impact on our well-being.  We all are complex beings and because of this, I employ various theoretical lenses and therapeutic approaches to get to who you really are (not who you tell yourself to be) and what you want for your life.

My specialty.

My ten years of experience in the college setting has primed me to help young people after college.  The twenties are a transformative time and with that comes a lot of uncertainty.  I love to help people as they ask themselves big questions about life, career, and relationships during this period of time that is so ripe with opportunity and doubt. Our practice is highly focused on helping people gain deep self-understanding and support as they walk through the normative experiences of life and being a person. With that, I have an additional specialty in holding space for our people that walk through infertility. There is a lot of guilt, shame, and grief for all involved in trying to conceive or create a family unit.  I can relate to those mixed emotions and the continued wounded feeling.  Outside of these two areas, I am generally geeked to sit down with any young professional wanting to connect to his or her life.  To pop the hood, so to speak, and take a look at what is working and what is not.

My commitment.

I promise to be a person who respects and honors your story.  When you walk into our session, I want you to feel seen.  To be heard.  To know that someone is in your corner, walking this path with you.  Our relationship will serve as the catalyst for your growth and discovery and therefore it will be of the utmost importance to me.  There are a lot of impressions of what therapy is and what therapists do – I hope to show you that at its core, therapy is about removing obstacles to your best life and I promise to give you my all as we pursue that goal.   


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