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Sometimes, you need therapeutic depth work. Other times, you need a psychologically savvy girlfriend to give you the support, insight, and challenge you need to take it to the next level.

Coaching is a great fit for people who are not experiencing any significant challenges and rather, are in a place where they want to INVITE challenge and reflection to enact more growth in their lives. 

MT is all about helping people reach their full potential, whether that's through therapy or coaching. So What's coaching like at mt?:

- This biggest difference between therapy and coaching at MT is that coaching is for folks who have either already done depth therapy work or are otherwise not facing significant emotional concerns. Sure, as humans we all experience some anxiety, stress, and self-doubt, but clients that seek coaching are looking for someone that can help them get unstuck or otherwise remain focused and accountable as they move toward their dream life. This differs from therapy which helps people explore and get way deep about their understanding of self and how it impacts their emotions and relationships (which often includes exploration into the past). Therapy helps untangle and better understand problem areas. Coaching helps you dream, get out of your own way, and reach your big life goals as you focus on where you are now and where you want to go.

- Coaching offers that 3rd party perspective to help you reflect, step back, and re-engage in life in a way that feels more aligned with your larger life goals. It's a great resource to amp things up and jump out of old routines or ruts you may have found yourself in.

- This experience will give you the opportunity to think on where you want to go in life and become equipped with the tools and insight it takes to move your life from "shmeh", "alright", or "fine" to "THIS is the life that I want to have."

- Coaching is an incredible resource to refocus your life and not settle. It will challenge you, support you, and inspire you. It's very focused and rooted in helping you refine your mindset so you can live the life you'd feel proud of in old age. It will help you rethink things and find alternate approaches to best manifest the meaningful life you aspire to have.

- Coaching at MT is incredibly friendly and nonjudgmental. So having a "coach" doesn't mean you have to run laps for not hitting your goals for the week. What you WILL get is kind and honest exploration into what gets in your way and action steps to find an approach that works. Your coach is like your life partner in crime. You can count on us to share the deepest dreams, desires, and fears in your heart. We have your back with a ton of encouragement and psychological know-how to help you along the way.

- MT is dedicated to bringing Houston the best. That's why our Coach, Holly, comes with not only specialized training as a life coach, but also a masters degree in Counseling psychology. Her understanding of the human condition and all of the awesome ways we get stuck in plateaus will help her guide you to more fulfilling experiences. 


Ready to give your life a kick in the direction you dream of? Let's do this life thing!

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