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Welcome to Modern Therapy. MT is a psychology practice driven by one overarching mission: to cultivate a well-lived existence despite life's inherent challenges.

Meet Dr. Beatriz Craven, the passionately committed and down-to-earth owner of MT. Dr. B has created a unique space for Houston's motivated, high functioning person to gain insight into how to navigate life challenges and actualize their true capacity. MT works with the attorney, writer, engineer, physician, entrepreneur, parent, dreamer, and general "I don't want to settle in life"-er. We put immense value in living a quality human existence. After all, this life is kind of all we have. Our focus is helping people break through blindspots and old patterns that bind them. We help people release themselves from barriers they aren't aware of that impact their emotional lives in the realms of personal life, relationships, and career so they can live at their fullest capacity.

//We can't change what we don't know. Cultivating a deep understanding of self and heightening emotional intelligence is instrumental to getting the most out of life.//


MT specializes in the experience of life stress, anxiety, existential depression, career dissatisfaction, relationship concerns, young mom/dad stress, and general challenges that come with navigating life. The MT team offers individual therapy and career counseling in the evenings to assist with work schedules and reduce barriers to a better life. We invite you to read more about us on this site to gain more insight into how we dedicate ourselves to making life better for you.