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"It's hard to describe in symptoms I suppose. I woke up with a sense of dread in the room. It was a weight in the chest that anchored me down from the heart. The sun came into my room but the light seemed to vanish. There was no joy. The color was gone. I wanted to curl up in the cave of my comforter for years. The clock poked at me to get the f*ck out of bed. I finally managed to peel myself up and get ready for work. I adjusted the mask on my way out that said, "I'm fine." What else was I supposed to say?"

We all experience varying degrees of depression over the course of our lifetime. It's hard because often times we "know" we should do certain things to help us stimulate a better mood but depression robs us of our energy and motivation. It's a real catch-22. At MT, we understand the weight of this emotional experience. There are many reasons we can become depressed. We take our time in getting to know the ins and outs of the nature of your depression and empower you with skills* and genuine support to help you move through the hard times. Sometimes our depression is situational or existential. Maybe you've gone through a break-up or are moving through an unclear time of transition. Or maybe you're feeling sensitive to the clock and age as you question your place and purpose in the world. Sometimes our depression has a lot to do with our story and the things we've been through. We often don't realize the impact our narrative has on our emotions. We can help you tease out which voices in your head are yours and which are bullsh*t you sponged up from difficult past relationships or circumstances. We'll help you learn to support your unique neurological activity and cultivate a healthier life. You have friends and expert support at MT. Let's get you some space where you can get the expectations off of you and breathe some light back into your world.

* MT is composed of a team of highly dedicated therapists that truly give themselves through their craft. If you're looking for a therapist in houston that works with depression, we can help. We utilize empirically validated support via cognitive behavioral therapy. mindfulness based cognitive therapy, and other interventions as deemed fitting given your story and needs. We operate from a humanistic foundation so that means we will always treat you as the unique human being you are. We don't jump to conclusions about who you are and work diligently by your side to bring skilled insight, intervention, and support. we care.


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