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“I will make the space for you to wrestle with the hard stuff in a way that values and honors your story in a non-judgmental atmosphere.” - Paul

My Story

This is a story of winding roads, ego-busts, and self-discovery. All through High School I wanted to be a writer. I won essay contests, wrote (bad) poetry, and won all sorts of accolades, and then I failed my first college English test so abysmally that I dropped that class, switched majors, and somehow ended up with an undergrad degree in Religious Studies with an emphasis in Art History. As much as I loved my studies, I had no idea what I wanted to do with it and ended up uprooting myself from my home and family in Texas for six years to live in the luscious green coffee-fueled paradise that is Seattle and ended up with a graduate degree in ministry (because, hey, why not?). When I moved back home to Texas to become a minister, it was like botching that college English test all over again. I failed miserably at it, and I had to figure out something else. I realized I had never really done the hard work of discovering who I was. Living in that limbo of feeling like I lacked a real identity was excruciating. It caused all kinds of heartache, poor decisions, and bigtime anxiety. Doing my own therapy work helped A LOT with that. I knew stuff I liked: music, art, books, and helping people, but I had never figured out the “so what” that brought all those pieces together until a professor basically shoved a mirror in front of me and made me enroll into counseling classes. This was the start to a new formation of my identity which has now become an integral part of who I am as a whole. I get to use my authentic characteristics of being a listener, a question asker, a reconciler, and a story maker to help others create the lives they want, change things that need changing, and fulfill desires they have unmet. 

My Training

I completed my Master of Counseling degree from the Houston Graduate School of Theology where I was extremely lucky to study with a very diverse team of professors and student body and was named the Outstanding Student in Counseling of my graduating class. I later completed the work to become a Licensed Professional Counselor, having worked with a broad range of clients from the most severe emotional struggles to private practice and hospice grief care. I’ve been places and heard some things. My previous schooling includes an MDiv from The Seattle School and an undergrad degree from Southwestern University in Georgetown, TX.

I gravitate toward an integrated approach to therapy that includes Person-Centered work as foundational, meaning that its all about the trusting and non-judgmental alliance we form as therapist and client. Given my love of writing, I find Narrative Therapy extremely helpful in clarifying your values, beliefs, and skills to effectively face problems you encounter. It puts you as the expert of your own life. I also integrate a good bit of Mindfulness and DBT/CBT work to bring you as fully present to yourself as possible.

I love to work with a wide variety of clients including folks dealing with depression, anxiety/panic, issues of identity and self-exploration, LGBTQ+ issues, grief/loss, and creative types. Whatever things you hope to explore about yourself, I’m ready to dive in together.

My Commitment

Therapy can be one of the most challenging and rewarding things you can undertake, and taking the first step to just “show up” is a fantastic way to start! I will make the space for you to wrestle with the hard stuff in a way that values and honors your story in a non-judgmental atmosphere. You will have my genuine self throughout our time together. As you start uncovering things about yourself, I will be there along the way as you lean into being your most authentic self and start overcoming the things that get in the way.