MT is proud to offer Gottman’s 7 Principle’s workshop: for long game couples in a short term world


Next Workshop: 10/25-27; Friday: 10/25: 5-8p, Saturday: 10/26: 9-5p, Sunday: 10/27: 9-1p, $528 per couple


If you’re in a relationship, you know that sometimes we run into things like:

  • Difficulty communicating and understanding each other

  • Arguing in circles or gridlocking on something

  • Hitting a routine that could use some new energy and spark 

At MT, we believe in taking care of our lives and doing the work to have long, fulfilled lives. Relationships take WORK y’all, and we’re here for you. We realized that there are such FEW places for people to focus on building and learning skills to take care of their relationship that isn’t “couples therapy.” You know, a space for people to gain insight when they feel their relationship isn’t “bad enough” for session. So we fixed that. Get ready to level up your relationship self-care, y’all.

The Gottman 7 Principles workshop is great for couples at any stage in their relationship and is based on decades of data and research regarding relationship satisfaction.

>> Led by Yvonne Oke and Christian Bumpous, this workshop follows the outline of the groundbreaking book, 7 Principles for Making Marriage Work, by John Gottman. We love it, we’ve implemented it in our own love relationship. It works.

In this workshop the work is done between you and your partner, there will be no awkward groups shares or opportunities for judgment by others. Positivity, new practices to play with, and time to make your life better together is what you will get. You will have time to enjoy each other while developing skills to strengthen closeness and increase intimacy.

Get ready to get a whole buffet of solid, deliciously research-supported info and tools to keep your relationship nurtured for the long haul.

We will teach you what you need to know for your relationship to thrive, and you will leave with proven tools to help you stoke the love fire for years to come. We’ll cover:

  • Cultivation of friendship, fondness, and admiration

  • Enhancement of romance and intimacy

  • Management of conflict constructively

  • Addition of skills to address perpetual and solvable problems

  • Creation of shared meaning

  • Maintainence of gains throughout a lifetime


Who this is for

  • Committed, growth mindset couples

  • Married couples

  • Pre-engaged couples (those considering marriage)

  • Engaged or Premarital couples (those taking steps towards marriage)

  • Every phase of relationships, from newlyweds to senior couples

  • Those who wish to enhance an already “good” marriage or relationship

  • Those needing better conflict management tools

  • Those who care about working on their relationship but don’t think there’s enough “wrong” to warrant couples therapy

  • People of all backgrounds, ages, Faiths, sexual orientations, and relationship arrangements.

Who this is not for (right now)

If you are experiencing high, frequent conflict or are teetering on whether the relationship is viable or not or are dealing with a significant challenge like emotional abuse, domestic violence, unwanted touch, or substance abuse, this class is not appropriate. If you are in any of the above situations, we can help you get connected to the appropriate support avenues to get the help you’re looking for. 

Next Workshop: 10/25-27

Friday: 10/25: 5-8p

Saturday: 10/26: 9-5p

Sunday: 10/27: 9-1p

Cost: $528 per couple


What’s the structure? Our intensive includes lectures and private couples exercises. Group members will not share their personal problems in front of others. This class combines teaching and demonstrations with one-on-one work sessions where you and your partner focus on your relationship with each other. Confidentiality is strictly maintained. Although we encourage questions and comments, you do not need to speak in the workshop if you do not want to.

Do we have to share about our personal lives and problems? Nope. You’re good. You’ll get the opportunity to implement skills privately between the two of you alone.

Do I have to talk? Nope. Yvonne and Christian will ask questions and encourage a discussion on topics - NOT YOUR RELATIONSHIP. At the same time, speaking up is entirely up to you. If you just want to sit back, learn, and participate in the private exercises with your partner, that is completely OK!

What do I get when I sign up? So many skills and insight! Registration includes the book ‘The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work’ by John Gottman, two workbooks, two card decks, and lunch on Saturday, as well as snacks on all days. That’s on top of spending three days tending to your most important relationship, of course. 

What if my partner doesn’t want to attend? Go ahead and contact us here and we will help you navigate this!

Is my ticket transferable? No refunds on tickets. If you can’t make the workshop, no sweat. Feel free to transfer your ticket to another deserving couple!

Can I attend just part of the workshop? You will get the most out of the experience attending the entire workshop. AND, we also know that life happens. Feel free to contact us if you need any more info on that.

Can I sign up solo? This intensive is more productive when both partners are present and that was the design of the workshop. That said, we love your interest! Shoot us a message and let’s talk about how to meet your growth goals.

What if I need more info before registering? Got more questions? Fire away! Just shoot us a contact form below and we’ll reach out directly.

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Yvonne Oke, MA, LMFT

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Christian Bumpous, MA, LMFT Associate

Let’s take care of your relationship, y’all. Your life and longevity will thank you dearly.

Next Workshop: 10/25-27

Friday: 10/25: 5-8p

Saturday: 10/26: 9-5p

Sunday: 10/27: 9-1p

Cost: $528 per couple

Questions first? Fire Away!

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