Clinical focus

Modern Therapy works with high functioning individuals who have come to experience distress due to circumstances, struggles with the bane of existence, or put more simply, life. MT works mostly with young to mid-age professionals, creatives, and entrepreneurs that are keeping up with day-to-day activities but find that they would like further support in their corner to operate at their fullest. Although MT works with a range of emotional concerns and goals, Modern Therapy has a special interest in working with motivated individuals with an open, reflective mindset and those experiencing concerns related to meaning and manifesting their purpose. All work is taken on with the respect, creativity, and heart that it deserves.

MT Therapists work with:

Life stress and general challenges that come with being a human

Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Panic

Sadness, Life dissatisfaction, "In a rut" feelings

Perfectionism, Self-criticism, Self-esteem

Existential or situational depression

Good ol' quarter or mid-life crisis

Desire to take things to the next level in life via coaching

Stress and challenges related to parenting 

Difficulties stemming from childhood experiences

Struggles unique to entrepreneurship and independent creation

Adjustment and life transition seasons

Identity, Identity related to LGBTQ


The real world calls for real therapy. In our fast-paced, solution-focused culture, it also calls for deep  therapy. Our aim is to help you gain real insight and traction in your movement toward your goals while also helping you achieve a deeper, transformational experience. We want to truly hear you and understand you as you are. Therapy is a process. It unfolds as we delve into your experience in the world. Insights and tailored suggestions arise from there. We are sensitive in our approach to hearing your story and making room for all of you, including the areas of spirituality, culture, and other domains that shape who you are. We operate from a humanistic foundation and incorporate empirically validated techniques to assist you in reaching your goals. 

What this means is that MT:

- Will not judge you

- Will treat you as the human being you are

- Will always be honest and authentic with you

- Will tailor sessions to speak your language and meet your unique needs

- Will be sensitive in our approach to not pathologize or suggest medication when not necessary

- Will use scientifically validated and research supported interventions

- Will help you better understand your experience in the world

- Will help you confront and explore the deepest parts of yourself

- Will help you explore a new relationship with human suffering

- Will help by using the therapeutic relationship to gain greater insight

- Will help you better understand barriers to your goals and how to maneuver them

- Will help you gain insight into your tendencies and help you learn better coping strategies

- Will help you actualize the life you envision for yourself

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