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“Both my nerdy and artsy side are so happy to be where they are now: Traveling alongside people. I like to think of myself as a curious scientist with an endless drive to explore and a safe-space-creator that creates avenues where exploration can happen in a supported and safe way.”


The Story.

Both the US (and HTX specifically) are my home of choice (or rather, they chose me). I was born and raised in Germany and immigrated to the US in my early 20s. My story has involved a lot of trying out and trying on different ideas of who I am and where I belong, to truly come home to myself. I’m clear on who I am and what’s important to me, with my top three values being connection, creativity, and health. My life is expressed through these values in my love of therapy, the arts, the importance I place on relationships, and self-care.

Being in integrity to do what I say and say what I mean has always been integral to my core beliefs. When life began to impact the relationships within my family system and friendship circle, I soon learned my capacity for compartmentalization in order to show up for life and its demands. The realization that we do what it takes to confront our daily goals and responsibilities, led me to one of my (now) favorite mantras in action: We get sick in isolation and heal in connection. It pained me to see friends and family members close to me struggle, and I have certainly had my own share of stories to confront and overcome. It has been liberating to see how these stories do not have to dictate where life takes us or where we are headed. It was clear to me how I wanted to spend my life. Being a therapist is more than my job. It is truly my calling that aligns with who I am as a person.

My People.

Some of my best work emerges in helping people explore the following: This is who I thought I should be in life, but it turns out I feel like there’s more. I like to help people get clear on who they are and establish a clear path on defining and living that. Experiences like anxiety and questioning in life is normal and a part of the human condition. Our task as people is to learn how to approach these questions in an adaptive way. My task is how to help you get to the nuance of identifying what your experience is. Is it anxiety? Or is it shame? Is it depression? Or is it anger? We can get so focused on moving away from the pain, that we neglect what actually matters to us. My passion is to help you interact with the pain in a way that doesn’t distract you from doing what is important to you.

My strengths and passion translates to its best potential within my work with high functioning professionals. When it comes to past experience, I have worked with a variety of human experiences that equip me well, ranging from being dealt severe mental health concerns to shame, depression, anxiety, and struggles with addiction are something my clients often come in with. Additionally, I love working with more than one person in the room. If you are coming to therapy for your relationship, why not bring that other person? Working with couples is my jam.

My Training.

My conceptual background is extensive, but being a humanist at heart, what I tell my clients is that what matters most is our relationship and how we jive. So I lead all of my sessions from a connection-driven place. My work is heavily influenced by an overall systemic view and I do rely heavily on contextual behavioral therapies to help my clients create change. I love keeping up with cutting-edge research and utilize approaches backed by science. Everything I have trained in, stems from my striving to provide the best care possible for my clients and their unique lives. With that in mind, I am constantly venturing in new approaches and am finding new books and trainings to sign myself up for to a point of hilarity. So what’s below probably needed updating… yesterday.

I received my undergraduate degree in Psychology from a University in Germany (Hagen) before immigrating to the US. I obtained my Master’s in Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy from California Southern University. I’ve been working alongside people within therapeutic roles for the past decade. Initially, I spent my time in residential treatment communities (first in North Carolina than California) working with people encountering more lifelong struggles such as schizophrenia. When I relocated to Houston, I completed my graduate internship at The Council on Recovery and was invited to complete a post-graduate fellowship. At the Council, I co-facilitated weekly groups and saw clients individually, as well as couples and families. Often, my clients (and their families) had been impacted by addiction (alongside anxiety and depression). Coping, grief and loss, as well as stress management and repair of relationships,  was something I commonly helped with.

On top of my collegiate education, I have been fortunate to continue learning in a variety of settings (and modalities). To serve the couples I see the best, I completed the Gottman Method Couples Therapy (Level I trained). I’m a proud member of the American Group Psychotherapy Association and am currently pursuing their certification as a Certified Group Therapist. Moreover, I’ve undergone multiple trainings in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and continue to be active with their in their professional organization (Association for Contextual and Behavioral Sciences). If you are from Houston (or have looked at a self-help bookshelf in the last decade), you likely will have come across Brene Brown and the incredible work she is doing. I have been very fortunate to have taken her training for helping professionals and am a Certified Daring Way Facilitator. I am licensed in the State of Texas as a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor (LCDC). I also hold licenses as an LPC-Intern and LMFT-Associate and, under the supervision of Jamie Porter, MA, LPC-S, LMFT-S, am currently finishing up the collection of my hours to become also licensed as an LPC and LMFT.

My Commitment.

As we say at Modern Therapy, “there is both a science and an art to therapy,” and both my nerdy and artsy side are so happy to be where they are now: Traveling alongside people. I like to think of myself as a curious scientist with an endless drive to explore and a safe-space-creator that creates avenues where exploration can happen in a supported a safe way.

Christian Bumpous, MA, LCDC, LPC-Intern, LMFT-Associate, CDWF