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“I became a therapist because I witnessed firsthand the impact that therapy can have on someone’s life.” - Abby

My story

I became a therapist because I witnessed firsthand the impact that therapy can have on someone’s life. I truly believe it is so important for a therapist to know and understand what it feels like to be on the other side of the couch. My experience as a client has given me so much insight and perspective into the power of the therapeutic relationship and helped form not only my own awareness, but my deep understanding of how important a strong connection is. Through vulnerability, acceptance, validation, and connection, I was able to make sense of my way of being and recognize that it is okay to feel lost and confused at times, and to not have all the answers. I remember going back to my therapist (who I saw as a child) when I was 24 years old and hating my job in the energy sector. I remember the anxiety that I felt as I sat in the waiting room (What will she think of me? Will she judge me? Will she understand me?). As our relationship continued to develop, I began to trust her insight and revealed the deepest parts of myself where there was shame. I trusted her with my story, and I began to experience how my shame dissipated more and more by talking through my thoughts, feelings, and struggles. I started to realize I was just a human, not a mistake or a failure. I was just a human being trying to figure out life (aren’t we all? It can be SO hard sometimes!).  My personal work enabled me to make challenging, but honest, decisions about where I wanted to go in life and I am so thankful for that. It brought me here to you.

As a therapist, I place so much importance on our relationship because I strongly believe that in order to do this work, you have to trust (and like!) your therapist. That is why I will always commit to showing up as my authentic self. No judgement here. 


My training

I received my Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Houston. With a background working at prominent organizations like the Menninger Clinic and UTHealth, I have gained excellent training with a specialized focus on psychological trauma and conceptualization of clients within systems. I was also a fellow at the Council on Recovery which gifted me with a robust background in alcohol use and addiction which definitely continues to serve my clients today. My own personal work, life, and yoga have also been great teachers. In the therapy room, I take an individualized approach with each client because we are all so unique in our own way. Some of the main theoretical frameworks I use in my practice are person-centered, relational, interpersonal, and cognitive-behavioral. I see the importance of exploring how your early childhood experiences impact your relationship with yourself and others, including how you show up in the therapy room. I strive to create a safe and secure relationship and space where you feel comfortable to show up authentically and feel fully heard and understood. I also recognize the significance of how our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are intertwined.

I have had the pleasure of working with individuals with a vast variety of backgrounds and stories, but I have found that I am most passionate working with young adults who are facing difficult life transitions. As we grow up, people don’t always talk about how overwhelming life can be throughout early adulthood. We have so many decisions to make that “the world is your oyster” life can become increasingly overwhelming. Uncertainty is a part of life and can lead us to feel hopeless and confused at times about which path we want to take. Self-discovery is a process that emerges over and over agin in life, and I take pride in being able to assist others in their journey through this. 

My commitment

I commit to showing up 100% authentically and creating a non-judgmental space for you. I genuinely care about therapy being your space to dig deeper into your inner world, and for you to know that you are not alone in this process, no matter how difficult or challenging your situation may be. I will foster a space of empathy, compassion, and curiosity around your story. Shame is a universal feeling, it exists inside all of us. I will be there with you to tackle any shame you may be feeling about yourself or your story. I promise to never, ever, shame you for thoughts you have had or things you may have done to emotionally cope with life’s turbulent events. It is an honor for me to do this work, and I will be there with you through your journey with the utmost humanity and respect. By working together, I commit to help you understand your process, and create a life in which you can truly thrive.