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"You're not some irrational being. Your story makes sense in context. Let's get to know your deeper world and how to maneuver it in a way that fits your authentic self."

I'm a Texas A&M trained psychologist and creative at heart. I come from a highly diverse background that has fostered a sense of empathy and openness that is tough to beat. I can quite literally talk to anyone and find a way to connect to them. I have a special place in my heart for creatives that are making their own way and entrepreneurs. They're my kind of weird and I understand the wild ride that comes with independent creation. I have worked extensively with individuals experiencing various facets of the human condition including stress, anxiety, panic, depression, difficulties stemming from childhood, and existential concerns (i.e. what am I doing with my life and how can I feel most alive?). Although MT is based in Houston, TX, I provide therapy in web-based format as well to bring additional resources to the inspired Marfa and Alpine, Texas of the rural west.

I have a sincere love for my vocation and truly dedicate my life's work to my craft. I am continuously amazed by the capacity of the human spirit to endure and thrive. To the benefit of my client, I am constantly reading, learning, and curious about the human condition from scientific and artistic perspectives alike. I am sensitive to today's fast-paced modern day world and our need to navigate it in a way that is practical, meaningful, and satisfying at a deep and soulful level. You can read more about me and my style of work here.


Kellie, LPC

Kellie Klinck Modern Therapy Houston psychologist therapist Heights counseling anxiety depression infertility

"I'm so grateful to wake up on any given morning and KNOW that this is what I was meant to do. In addition to being a therapist, I'm a person with my own story. Seriously.. : )  I'm thankful to give my clients a space to gain insight into themselves and channel their lives in a way that leaves them truly content regardless of their history."

Holly. M.Ed. // MT Coach

Holly Coneway houston life coach heights humanhq therapist self development

"I think like a therapist and work like a coach. I've always been one of those people who seek more in life. Whether you're angsty to get outside of your comfort zone or need help reigning all your ambitious energy, I get that! Let's honor the life-driven person in you and give you the clarity and focus you need to look back on life and say, 'that was a REALLY good ride.'"

We wish there was a better term for coaching. "Psychologically savvy right-hand", "dream enabler", and "idea bouncer" come to mind but those aren't really Google-able. I'm a board certified coach and highly trained through the International Coaching Federation. I have a Masters in Counseling to boot. I LOVE my job. My clients believe so whole heartedly in self-growth and manifesting their potential, that they simply want a space to actively dig into life and stay as focused and purposeful as possible. My aim is to help you get super clear and focused on what those goals and problem areas are in your life as you chase after your big visions. I'm there to help you stay clear-headed and effective as I watch out for blindspots and help you stay on track with your values and authentic self. I'll be there every step of the way to help you see where you get in your way and where to approach things differently so you can use your energy wisely. I've always resonated with the Henry David Thoreau poem about living deeply and sucking the marrow out of life. If you find that you're doing "fine", but want to stay your most intentional as you kick life up a notch, I'm here to give you the clarity and skills it takes to equip you in living the life you imagine. You can contact me directly at 281.783.4012 and learn more about my work here.

Meredith, LPC

Meredith Bauer houston therapist anxiety depression houston heights counseling psychologist modern therapy
Modern Therapy Meredith Bauer Houston therapist counseling psychologist heights counseling for anxiety depression

"I whole heartedly believe EVERYONE could benefit from having a therapist. Being a human in this world is complicated. I want to leave you feeling like you're able to get anything and everything off your chest to someone who truly has your best interest at heart and understands where you are coming from."

We all need some space to gain clarity in our lives so we can enter back into it with our strongest footing. It's why I think we could all benefit from having a therapist! Your therapist is "that person" in your life to help you reflect, recenter, and re-engage in a way that your more enlightened self would approve of. I  can help you learn to identify what you're really feeling, how your thoughts led to those feelings, and how you can learn to manage those thoughts to help you feel more confident in the choices you make. If you want to change the way you feel you've got to change the way you think. Easier said than done I know! I am pretty down-to-earth and have a unique ability to really understand my clients and how to come to new perspective. I focus on fostering an environment where others can share things they normally wouldn’t dare share with others. YOUR perspective and intentions are what I want to focus on. If you want your perspective heard without feelings of guilt, shame, embarrassment or fear of not being understood I can provide that atmosphere for you. You can contact me directly at 281.783.4142 and read more about me and my training background here.

Phil, LPC

Phil Landry houston therapist anxiety depression yoga heights psychologist

"Your future is not defined by your history. No matter what your family history is or what you've been through, we have power to decide where we want to go from here. Let's honor and understand where you are and empower you to live in a way that is liberated and true to you. It's time to free yourself from anxiety, depression, and belief systems that were never your truth to begin with."

We are bound by so many of our experiences without even realizing it. I dedicate my life's work to helping people understand themselves and live in a way that is liberated from other's expectations or beliefs about how we "should" be. This is the stuff that gets in our way and keeps us from living our most fulfilled lives. You know what people say when they reach the end of their life? Something along the lines of, "I wish I had cared less about what other people think." I especially understand this as a man. There are a thousand expectations placed on us: what it means to be successful, to perform, and what it means to always have it together and not be weak. Being my authentic self and developing true intimacy didn't come with a guidebook for me. It didn't come with a guidebook for most of us. It means a lot to me to make room for other people to forget the pressures of society and talk about the things they carry quietly in their lives. I'm looking forward to meeting you and helping you better understand your experiences in the world. Whether that's anxiety, depression, relational concerns in your partnership, dealing with challenging experiences from your upbringing, or faulty coping mechanisms like alcohol and other forms of escapism. I'm also a certified yoga instructor so I pay a lot of attention to both your emotional experience as well as how it translates in the body. You can contact me directly at 281.783.4019 and read more about me and my training background here.

Nirmeen. LPC

Nirmeen Valiani therapist houston counselor mindfulness meditation anxiety stress parenting

"If you're alive, you're going to confront stress and anxiety. It's just going to happen. We often feel more distress than we have to because we're too busy fighting how we feel rather than relating to and understanding our experiences in a different way. I've got you. Let's give you the psychological insight to operate at your best."

We only get one life. It means so much to me to help people liberate themselves from negative patterns and cultivate a lifestyle that promotes their greatest level of satisfaction in life. It's an incredible experience for me to assist people in understanding their deeper narrative and gain new psychological practices to help live their best. I believe in giving my clients immediate practices they can implement to improve their mood (I'm telling you... I'm a mindfulness meditation junkie - IT WORKS!) while also doing the depth work to get to the root cause. My areas of focus are anxiety, perfectionism, depression, parenting-related stress, trauma and difficult experiences stemming from childhood, and general issues that come with being a person. If you're a parent that's feeling all the awesome pressures and challenges that come with that, I'm also a mom in addition to being a therapist so I know what it's like to navigate that. Let's get you moving through life at your peak, enlightened self. You can contact me directly at 281.783.9284 and read more about me here. Can't wait to meet you!

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