Dr. B

"You're not some irrational being. Your story makes sense in context. Let's get to know your deeper world and how to maneuver it in a way that fits your authentic self."


I'm a Texas A&M trained psychologist and creative at heart. I come from a highly diverse background that has fostered a sense of empathy and openness that is tough to beat. I have worked extensively with individuals experiencing various facets of the human condition including stress, anxiety, panic, depression, difficulties stemming from childhood, and existential concerns (i.e. what am I doing with my life and how can I feel most alive?). Although MT is based in Houston, TX, I provide therapy in web-based format as well to bring additional resources to the inspired Marfa and Alpine, Texas of the rural west.

I have a sincere love for my vocation and truly dedicate my life's work to my craft. I am continuously amazed by the capacity of the human spirit to endure and thrive. To the benefit of my client, I am constantly reading, learning, and curious about the human condition from scientific and artistic perspectives alike. I am sensitive to today's fast-paced modern day world and our need to navigate it in a way that is practical, meaningful, and satisfying at a deep and soulful level.

To read more about my professional and personal background, interests, and to see my inspiration blog, head over to my personal site: beatrizcraven.com

Meet (soon-to-be-Doctor) Heidi. LPC


"I've got you covered on both personal life and vocation. Let's get you feeling more aligned and purpose-filled across the board."

Let's put it this way: I've known what it's like to dislike your job or feel like you're not living out your vocational potential. A difficult work situation can bring down your life satisfaction in a major way. That's why I'm excited to bring my passion for career counseling to MT. I am passionate about helping people find their purpose vocationally as well as helping them cope with work dissatisfaction. This includes values conflicts, work stress, and dysfunctional relationships in the workplace. If you're feeling unsure of where to go in your career, I can help you get more clarity on that.As a therapist, I'm able to help you explore your work concerns in a deeper way so you can find a true sense of alignment with what you do and how you engage.

Work is a major part of life but it's not everything. We need to tend to all areas of our life. That's why I also counsel individuals who are experiencing anxiety, stress, life dissatisfaction, adjustment issues, self-esteem and body image issues, spiritual crises, and concerns related to the LGBTQ experience. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor with a masters from LSU. You may think I've had enough, but I am currently completing my Ph.D. at Sam Houston State University. I'm looking forward to meeting you and helping you come to a fulfilled life.

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Nirmeen. LPC

"If you're alive, you're going to confront stress and anxiety. It's just going to happen. We often feel more distress than we have to because we're too busy fighting how we feel rather than relating to and understanding our experiences in a different way. I've got you. Let's give you the psychological insight to operate at your best."

We only get one life. It means so much to me to help people liberate themselves from negative patterns and cultivate a lifestyle that promotes their greatest level of satisfaction in life. It's an incredible experience for me to assist people in understanding their deeper narrative and gain new psychological practices to help live their best. I believe in giving my clients immediate practices they can implement to improve their mood (I'm telling you... I'm a mindfulness meditation junkie - IT WORKS!) while also doing the depth work to get to the root cause. My areas of focus are anxiety, perfectionism, depression, parenting-related stress, trauma and difficult experiences stemming from childhood, and general issues that come with being a person. If you're a parent that's feeling all the awesome pressures and challenges that come with that, I'm also a mom in addition to being a therapist so I know what it's like to navigate that. Let's get you moving through life at your peak, enlightened self. Can't wait to meet you. 

Holly Coneway. M.Ed. // MT Coach

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"I think like a therapist and work like a coach. I've always been one of those people who seek more in life. Living in your comfort zone makes you restless and angsty for more. I get that! Let's give you the clarity and focus you need to look back on life and say 'dang, that was a good ride.'"

I'm MT's coach. Sometimes it's not anxiety or depression that's impacting our lives, but just the straight fact that we KNOW we have more in us and not manifesting our potential is driving us crazy. I've always resonated with the Henry David Thoreau poem about living deeply and sucking the marrow out of life. If you find that you're doing "fine", but want to kick life up a notch, I'm here to give you the clarity and skills it takes to equip you in living the life you imagine. *NOTE: coaching is not designed to manage anxiety, depression, trauma, or similar emotional experiences. If you could use support in your corner to tame those inner beasts, start with therapy to get you to your optimal level.