Full-Time Individual Therapist

MT is currently on the hunt for a new individual therapist to add to the team. We will tell you now... we care deeply about bringing Houston the best, most dedicated therapists. That means our standards are high when it comes to the depth of quality service we provide for our clients. We are looking for a licensed therapist who feels called to do this work as a vocation rather than a job. We take pride in our clients knowing we truly care about them and have the know-how to understand their story at a deep level. The foundation of this practice is Humanistic, meaning that we do not pathologize the human experience but rather aim to conceptualize our clients in a more holistic manner as we understand their way of being in the world. We believe that our best work is done when we are empowered and free to pursue our passions and work in alignment with our values. Our therapists are empowered to work with the clients that are the best for their skill set and presenting concern of interest. We encourage creativity and foster the space for our clinicians to be their authentic selves in the work place. Our team is awesome. We work like a boss, Love our clients hard, and are supremely laid back and caring with one another. Our candidate will also be facilitating groups through our community passion project at HumanHQ as well. Apply below.


  • Passionate about the art of therapy
  • Growth-mindset and dedicated to deepening their work (the learning never ends!)
  • Thorough background with training and supervision and longterm individual psychotherapy experience
  • Licensed as a Provisionally Licensed Psychologist, Psychologist, LCSW, or LPC
  • Highly interested in working with millennials, professionals, and creatives
  • Outgoing and highly personable
  • Able to work a few evenings or Saturdays to accommodate clients 
  • Passionate about helping the community via our small groups at HumanHQ

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