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People: "I'm not passionate about what I do. There has GOT to be more to life than this. Is the grass really greener on the other side? Or do I just need to buck up and get back to typing in my cube at this soul-sucking job?"

Well... let's find out! The quarter-life crisis is real. We get a few years into our career and come to realize that our vision isn't quite what we were hoping for. We run into plenty of folks who want to explore a better career fit but they're not exactly sure what that would be. Our head career gal, Heidi Henry, is a vocational counselor who can help you gain clarity on your career life. Heidi brings in her therapy skills to help you better understand why you're not feeling satisfied in the workplace. She might find that you'd benefit from some career assessments to gain a better picture of what career path is truly best for you.

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Heidi can help you better understand your mindset, your work values, personality, skill set, and find a greater sense of congruence and fit with what you do. 


Her abilities as a therapist will help you catch blindspots and better understand what is really impacting your experience. For example, maybe it's not that you're in the wrong field. As she hears your concerns, maybe it turns out you're not feeling it because it's high demand, your boss is cold and unavailable, and your lack of clarity on your performance + your dislike of all things confrontation is creating anxiety that is robbing your joy. Heidi can help you navigate that better. 

//Just Need Career Testing?

If you're just looking for career testing to find your vocational fit, we got you and some. Career testing (versus counseling which is more exploratory and all-encompassing) is done within 5 sessions. Here's the breakdown:

Session 1 : Thorough questions to understand your vocational interests and concerns + goal setting

Session 2: Career values assessment + exploration into your values, what you've liked or didn’t like (interests), etc. 

Session 3: The funnest part! Interpretation of your career assessments

Session 4: Establish plan of action, barriers, resources, etc.  

Session 5: Additional support unique to your needs

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